What is Kendo Tours, and what makes it unique?

Kendo Tours provides a distinct experience for Kendo enthusiasts through tours led by Kendo Sensei. These tours are tailored for Kendo practitioners, offering a flexible environment to train at your own pace. Additionally, you get to explore Japan’s culture alongside a non-Kendo partner, enriching your overall experience.

What is the primary focus of your Kendo tours in Shizuoka?

The Kendo Tour in Shizuoka aims to deliver a comprehensive experience blending Kendo training with cultural immersion. You’ll engage in Kendo keiko sessions, delve into the local culture, and enjoy sightseeing, all while adjusting the training intensity to your preference.

Is prior experience in Kendo required to join the tour?

Although having Kendo experience up to at least 3rd Kyu is preferred, it’s not mandatory. Our Tour accommodates varying skill levels, with dojo sessions led by knowledgeable Sensei to guide you. Please contact Graham for further assistance if you’re unsure.

What does the tour itinerary include?

The itinerary incorporates Kendo training, cultural exploration, and sightseeing. Your days will be filled with practice sessions, unique local experiences, and leisure time to explore Japan with your companion, offering a well-rounded adventure.

How do I book a Kendo tour with your company?

Booking is straightforward, simply email Graham to initiate a conversation. The availability is limited, ensuring a more personalized experience.

What is the typical group size for a Kendo tour, and can I join as an individual traveler?

Typically, the group comprises 15-17 Kendoka and 5-8 partners, with various room arrangements to accommodate individual travelers and groups alike.

What measures do you have in place for participant safety and well-being?

Kendo Tours adheres to Japan’s stringent regulations through collaboration with a Domestic Management Company, ensuring full compliance. Individuals are strongly recommended to have health, accident, and travel insurance, and we are here to answer all your health and safety questions.