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"Take Your Kendo to Japan”

Cultural delights, high-level kendo,
and new friendships.

With your family, Without the hassles.

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Kendo Study Tour 2024

Reservations open now!

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Always wanted to practice Kendo in Japan but can't seem to get over these concerns?

What should I be aware of when visiting a dōjō?

How do I make the most of my time to improve?

Where can I go for practice?

Who should I talk to for targeted advice?

■ Our tours are always planned with an overarching theme, so that practitioners have a broad idea of what their goals are,

■ Throughout the tour, sub-themes are revealed and practitioners can objectively measure their progress.

With these sub-themes in mind, practitioners apply learnings during practice:

■ At 3* different machi dōjōs,
■ Over 5* keiko sessions,
■ With 7-8th Dan Senseis present at all times.

* figures are an approximation based on past tours and may be subject to change

At each practice session, our team observes practitioners*, while accompanying them during debriefs with Senseis to:

■ Translate questions and advice,
■ Obtain feedback,
■ Evaluate performance.

*with video recording support where possible

Subsequently to support each practitioner for the next practice, our team will: 

■ Tailor the approach a step further,
■ Set stretch targets.

Deal Sweeteners

Food to Die For

Journey beyond typical Japanese dishes to savour handpicked local delicacies.

4~5 Stars Accomodation

Experience Shizuoka’s ryokan serenity and unwind in famous onsen retreats.

Off the Beaten Track

Discover Japan’s enchanting secrets, where tradition meets untouched beauty.

Meet The Team

Masayuki Norizuki

Kyoshi 7th Dan

45 years experience in the travel industry, former President Yaizu Kendo Federation

Alex Bennett

Kyoshi 7th Dan

Award winning author, martial art historian and founder of Kendo World

Graham Sayer

Kyoshi 7th Dan

40 years experience and connection with the Shizuoka Kendo, NZ and the international community

Oscar Xing

Renshi 6th Dan

Former Chinese national team member (WKC 2009, 2012 & 2015) & experienced kendo tourist in Japan


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